by zagadka

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released February 11, 2013



all rights reserved


zagadka Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Malibu Tea
I spent time walking in
on a tired pair of hands
who'd like nothing more than
to draw those curtains back
on some bedding lured
down; a warm invitation.
Still I find more comfort here
in my love seat cushions
Track Name: Many Many Tanks
Time to take all of us around
I'm not one for disappointing you
but I know I will

You are the one that saved me
if only by ignoring me

Glad to take it all in stride
I'm still one to entertain such thoughts
and I know I will

(When I called, the shift had been wearing off.
A snoot full of solid gold
like I've got something to prove)
Track Name: Solar Daze
Holy roller,
you will find in time
those worry-words
and vinegar won't work

and I'll seek to find the words
and Dave says I can't lose

Seek to find the one and only one

Holy roller,
from your teeth down to your feet.
And now you shift your weight reluctantly

and I'll seek; define the verb
and Dave says I can't lose
Track Name: Landolphins
Let me compress
these teeth on black sheep
like coffee sits, weakened
The smell's a bit like getting done
I'd hate to say it's been hard for me to trust
anyone with anything

Put the fool we place inside at the wheel to
the island we left behind
to find better things

What's with the tiger lines?
Here, captivate.
Here, cultivate weeds slow.
And though we'd made smart fiction non
the yarn we'd spun
fit everything
and it keeps us warm and well fed
Track Name: New Bouquet
Let's play house
and fake our own homes.
Now I'm happy just to greet the day;
It's good enough

We had those conversations
about how
I wonder if I'll ever be
good enough
for you

She knows,
I'm holding onto this
I'm holding on, too.

Can we stay inside for all?
I can't be that guy anymore